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Ming's Magazine Hong Kong "What Is Grunge?"

Samantha Scarlette was recently featured on Ming's Magazine Hong Kong's website where they dressed 10 talented New Yorkers in Marc Jacob's 2019 Grunge Collection and asked them about their thoughts on Grunge Fashion. You can read the article in Chinese here or the translation below. Article translation (some of the stuff didn't translate well from google translator): "Samantha Scarlette

My name is Samantha Scarlette, I am an alternative rock singer and radio host .

Ming's: How do you view GRUNGE? Samantha Scarlette: I like Grunge. It not only represents good music , but it also was a very cool fashion style in the 1990's . It is also my personal favorite . It has been making a comeback in recent years . I am very happy about that .

M: How do you describe your own personal style ? S: My inspirations are Courtney Love, 90s Grunge Vibe + Goth and high end. My personal style is the convergence of the 1990s , dominated by black . I am very excited to wear Marc Jacobs today . When I think of Grunge, I think of one of the most iconic photographs of Marc Jacobs line in the 1990's, two supermodels, a black girl and white girl, sitting on the grass , wearing Marc 's Perry Ellis flannels and Nirvana shirts. It inspires me to this day .

M: Fashion , is it constantly being repeated ? S: There are actually many examples . Not only in Grunge, but the mainstream fashion of the late 1990s was inspired by the 1960s; many of the big fluffy skirts of the 1980s were inspired by the Victorian era ( one example is Princess Diana's wedding dress ). I think that the clothing of the early 21st century was influenced by the 1970s . So , yes , everything will repeat and develop , and the coolest thing about the 90s of Grunge is its uniqueness .Now it is back , I think it's great ."


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