Scarlette has always had an avid fascination with the paranormal, conspiracies, etc.  In 2015 she started a youtube podcast with a friend dedicated to these topics.  She later went on to host "I Want To Believe with Samantha Scarlette" for Energy Rock Radio in 2016.   In the fall of 2016 she went on to do a 30 minute weekly segment for Idobi Radio's Eddie, Jason & Chris Show.   May 2017 marked the premiere of her new radio show for Idobi Radio: "BLACKOUT with Samantha Scarlette".  BLACKOUT is a weekly radio show, airing Friday nights at 11pm ET/ 8pm PT featuring interviews with rock bands, models, as well as paranormal / conspiracy / scientific / true crime / fringe topic guests.  For more information & BLACKOUT podcasts visit:

Samantha has owned three clothing lines over the years --- Most recently in 2015 she launched MK-ULTRA 90 Clothing.  The brand currently focuses on t-shirts and accessories that play into themes of the paranormal & conspiracies with shirts featuring tarot cards, the all seeing eyes and other symbols.  For more on MK-Ultra 90 visit:


Samantha Scarlette currently lives in New York City with her pet Yorkie.  Her hobbies & interests include: listening vinyls of 90's rock albums, meals at The Plaza, skateboarding, visiting art museums, listening to old Art Bell interviews on youtube, watching silent films, film making, Yoga/Meditation, and fitness.

 Samantha Scarlette is an alternative rock singer / song writer.  She is the host of "BLACKOUT" on Idobi Radio, and the owner of MK-Ultra 90 clothing, and a social media influencer.


Samantha currently has two albums out: "Into The Darkness EP & Demos" (2011) produced by Justin Salter and "Violent Delights + Violent Ends" (2014) produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa.  She is currently working on a new album tentatively titled "My So-Called Life."   Samantha refers to her genre of music as Soft Grunge.  Her primary musical influence is 90's alternative rock & grunge music.  Samantha Scarlette's music is available on: iTunesSpotifyTidal, AmazonGoogle Play and more.