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Fan Q&A - June 22nd Q&A 2017

Hey guys! It's that time of the week again, Thursday, which means I will be answering more of the Q&A question sent to me by you!

You can submit Ask Me Anything Q&A questions via email here on my website's contact form or send them to me (@SammiScarlette) on twitter! I'll be posting Q&A's each Thursday afternoon! XOXO Sammi

Q: @C_Chris10: Hey, What's your honest opinion of "rap music". (I think it lacks a capital C) A: This may or may not surprise you, but I actually like (some) rap music. I've seen Eminem, Kanye West (who had N.E.R.D. & Lupe Fiasco, both of whom I like, open for him) and I've seen 50 Cent / G-Unit live 4 times(!!!) -- twice at private parties, and twice at regular concerts... Not so shockingly 50 Cent puts on a better show at private parties (he plays private events with a full live band, where as at regular shows at least the times I've seen him he raps to a DJ). Speaking of private parties I also saw Lil Kim preform at a halloween party in this past year in NYC; she had Carmen Electra on stage dancing next to her.lmao. Rap music I like: Kanye West, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Dr Dre, N.E.R.D., Tupac, Biggy Smalls, P-Diddy, Lil Wayne, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj (I saw her preform at the VMA's last summer).... Realistically though Kanye West is probably the only rapper I currently listen to on a semi-regular basis. Obviously (90's alternative & grunge) rock is my favorite genre of music and always will be what I listen to the most.

Q: @Ducttapecrazyglu: If you were featured on "Celebrity Deathmatch", Who would you want your opponent to be? A: Is that show still on? I feel like this is totally MTV of my childhood...Anyway...My mind immediately goes to a certain person...But I'm going to leave their name off my blog. haha. So instead, I'll go for a three way battle... Me vs. Taylor Momsen vs. Heidi Shephard.... Three blonde female rock singers battle it out!

Q: @DarkPrince5646: r u a fan of halo :) A: I'm assuming you mean the video game? Haha no. I haven't played video games in 5 or 6 years.. Alas my PS3 is 3,000 miles away in Scottsdale... I was never a big gammer anyway.. The only video game I ever got to the end of (and had to use all the cheat codes to get there) was "Tony Hawks Underground 2" (the Tony Hawk vs Bam Margera video game). The only video games I own are various games in the Tony Hawk series, Skate, and 50 Cent Blood In The Sand (50 Cent goes around shooting terrorists in the middle east while his music plays in the background; it's hilarious). I used to also have the Britney Spears video game and the Nightmare Before Christmas one, but they were downright terrible.

Q: @_Tommy_TM: You gonna to release new music soon? A: Yes! I am working on it!

Q: OfficeSquatch: Have you had any paranormal experiences, and if so, can you please share them? Thank you! #AskMeAnything A: I have had quite a few experiences.. I dated a guy when I was 23, who claimed that prior to me meeting him, he had used a Ouija board in his house back where he was from (he was from another country) and that the house had become possessed by demons. He claimed he googled online how to do a Catholic exorcism and did one on his house.. And that he saw demons running up the carpet and the lights in his house shut off and wouldn't turn on for 24 hours, and then the demands were gone.... He also had a previous girlfriend who'd died as a teenager in a car accident.. So I attribute the following story to either the demons or the dead girlfriend... Any time this guy would come over to my house in Arizona, my dog I had at the time, a golden retriever, would pee on himself at the sight of the guy. This dog was completely house broken and never peed in the house, so it was bizarre. While I was dating him, I had a few weird things happen... Like one night I left my phone on my bed, left my room for an hour and came back in my room to a text from a (different) guy I'd met at a bar saying he was sorry he'd missed my call (i hadn't called him)...I looked at my call log, and my phone and dialed him 20 minutes prior... There was no one else in my house, and my phone had been on my bed undisturbed for an hour. Another time, I think I had actually been in the midsts of texting the guy I was dating, DVD's flew off of my wall mounted DVD/CD racks from IKEA... I'd had the IKEA racks for 5 years or so and I never had anything fall/fly out of the dvd wracks before. The night before that one of the skateboards I had on my bedroom wall fell down (this would happen on rare occasions so it wasn't as weird). Fast forward to around the time he and I break up, I was at my house here in NYC, faucets in my house would turn on by themselves in the middle of the night and then turn off. All of the stuff stopped though around the time we cut contact. In September my golden retriever(that was scared of him) died suddenly of a cancer.. Several months later we started talking again online, around December of that year, including talking to him on Christmas.. That year for Xmas I went to a hotel with my family. When I got home from the hotel (back to my house in Arizona), a vase in the hallway had been knocked over, and my bedroom door had been shut...No person or pet was in my house over Christmas, and the house hadn't been broken into. For the next month or so I'd hear doors close themselves in the middle of the night. In mid January, I was sick with the flew in bed, and suddenly heard the sound of a motor..I thought someone was outside with a moving truck or something. Upon further inspection it turned out it was the fan in my bathroom...The problem is I hadn't turned the fan on, and no one else could have either because 1. the only access to my bathroom is thru my bedroom. 2. The light switch to that fan had been painted stuck for several years!!! Soon after that I came back to my house in NYC, where this stuff persisted.. Doors closing, door knobs turning, faucets running, etc. My mom & my assistant went to go see my ex's band play in NYC in April of that year, and later that night the shower turned itself on (which scared my assistant, who previously hadn't witnessed any of this stuff). The activity finally stopped when I cut off contact with him completely, so I definitely believe it was tied to him, whether it was the supposed demons or the dead girlfriend...I had two different psychics tell me it was the dead girl, and some of the stuff the one psychic told me about the dead girl I was able to validate through finding stuff on her best friends blog (The psychic didn't have the girls name & it was an in person reading, so she had no way of looking this stuff up). Or maybe it just happens that theres faulty plumbing, wiring, self closing/opening doors, etc in both of my houses. Who knows.. All I know is it freaked me out and the other people (various family members and my personal assistant) who witnessed this stuff.


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