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Fan Q&A - June 1st 2017

Hola guys! I decided to try out taking Q&A questions from fans on twitter and answering them here on my official web site's blog! Depending on how bad or how well this goes, I might be doing this on a weekly! haha.. I guess it all depends on you.. And me too! hehe! The questions are below... If I didn't answer your question this week check back next week to see if I answer it then!....

XOXO Sammi

Q: @AustinTylerYork: What is your favorite show? A: I'm guessing you mean TV show, which in that case I'd probably have to go with the 1994 tv show My So-Called Life (my next cd is even tentatively titled "My So-Called Life"). The storyline on it was great and super relatable, even to me when I first saw it in 2005, 11 years after it initially aired. It's also kind of an amazing time capsule of the grunge era with the clothes and the music. Plus what girl wouldn't love a tv show featuring a young Jared Leto? lol. I also am a huge fan of the X-Files.. I binge watched the entire series in 2008 (before Netflix streaming, back when you had to pay like $50 for the DVD boxsets).. Like legit for the fall of 2008, I feel like any time I wasn't in classes at college, I was curled up in bed watching the X-Files.lmao. As for current TV shows, I don't really watch TV.. I don't think the tv in my bedroom has been turned on in over 6 months, in fact it's not even plugged in... I'm really happy about that, a few years ago I got sucked into watching garbage reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians & Ink Master every week. You get far more done in your life when you get out of the cycle of watching tv shows on a weekly basis. However when I'm sick, or snowed in (during the winter), or I just really need to unwind at night before bed, I will binge watch ridiculous dramatic shows on Netflix such as Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and Pretty Little Liars... I love how hilariously unrealistic they are. American Horror Story is also pretty good (depending on the season).

Q: @AbbieSiegmann: When did you first start singing? A: That's kind of a loaded question, because everyone has sung at sometime in their life. It's not like asking "When did you first pick up a guitar", because thats not something everyone does, and it's usually a memorable moment. But singing is something people do on a regular basis, whether it's to sing "Happy Birthday" to someone or singing along to hymn in Church. To answer the question you're probably asking... The first time I ever sang in public that I really remember was when I was 7. The movie "Evita" starring Madonna, had just come out in January of that year, and I absolutely loved it! I had the soundtrack on cassette tape. So when the school talent show (I was in first grade) came around in April of that year, I just had to sing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina"for it. haha. I remember even thru second grade a lot of the mom's remember me as the little girl that sang "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" in the talent show, as it's definitely not a typical choice of song you'd expect from a 7 year old, and apparently I sang it well.haha.. Somewhere at my mom's house in AZ, theres a VHS tape of it. When I first decided I wanted to be a singer was when I was 9 and Britney Spears came out. I, like every other little girl, wanted to be Britney Spears. As I got older, I got more into rock music, and my tastes shifted. But even to this day I still adore Britney and cite her as my initial inspiration to do music.. Even if the type of music I do and am generally into is drastically different from hers. I'd like to clarify however that my radio show is not intentionally named Britney. I originally wanted to name my radio show "Idobi After Dark" (as a play on Hugh Hefner's 1960's tv show "Playboy After Dark"), but there's already a paranormal radio show on another station that also airs on Friday nights called "After Dark" so I couldn't do that. I wanted something similar along those lines, and I came up with Blackout, as it has so many different connotations. I think it was my friend JJ that pointed out to me that it was the name of Britney Spears album, after I'd finalized the name of the show. haha.

Q: @MovieMetalRock: Would you ever model for Victoria Secret if you weren't a rock singer / radio host? A: haha.. Sure!!! If Victoria Secret wanted me to model for them, I definitely would... Especially since they get these super militant diets and with insane personal trainers for the girls in the months leading up to the fashion show; I need that type of trainer/diet to get into the shape I want. Haha Victoria Secret if you want me, my contact info is on this web site.


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