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Fan Q&A - June 15th 2017

Hey there! I'm back with the 3rd installment of my weekly Q&A sessions where I ask for you guys to ask me anything!

If you want to submit Q&A questions either email them to my website(here) or send them to me (@SammiScarlette) on twitter! I'll be posting Q&A's each Thursday afternoon! XOXO Sammi

Q: @VioletRoyce: What horror movies do you like, if you watch them. A: My favorite horror movie is Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". It is the only movie that has ever scared me, well that and The Ring (which was only scary the first time I saw it, because I was 12 and it was the first day it was out in theaters and I really believed I would die in seven days.lmao). Even though it's not gore filled or a horror movie in a traditional sense it's masterfully terrifying. The parts of the movie that creep me out the most are the two Grady girls, and the guy in the dog costume giving the other dude a bj toward the end...I don't know why but something about that scene is so unsettling, even though theres not really anything scary happening. Stanley Kubrick was a genius in how he adapted the movie (the film actually deviates quite a bit from the book, aspects such as the Grady girls were added in, and the ending is completely different). To this day, 13 years after I first watched it and countless viewing later, I still am creeped out every time I watch this movie. Another fun thing about The Shining is the supposed hints & clues within the movie that Stanley Kubrick directed the false moon landing for NASA. Aside from "The Shining", no other horror film scares me. I do usually check out the paranormal-ish themed horror films like The Conjuring or Ouija when they come out.. Which I guess are more paranormal creepy then they are horror. I've never been into blood & guts kind of horror... Though I used to like watching those cheesy late 90's slasher horror movies like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Scream" for a laugh as a kid.

Q: @ElvisThomas8: whats the vibe or feeling you get after a body suspension? A: After body suspension you feel really euphoric because of all the endorphins.... Then about 5 hours later you feel as though you've been hit by a truck for about a day... Or at least that was my experience with it, some people are lucky and don't get the pain afterwards. Everyone assumes it must be painful, but for me at least, once the piercings were in my back (which hurt a lot less than getting my nose or my lip or my nipples or my belly button or any other place I've ever had pierced, pierced) none of it was painful... There was a slight discomfort when I lifted off the ground and my skin separated (your skin separates from the muscle when you leave the ground)... But it's not painful.. It's just an odd sensation because you're looking for something to grab on to, but theres nothing. Suspension is one of the coolest things I've ever done! I can't wait to do it again, it's just something I need to do when I have a few days I can spare for the down time afterwards.

Q: @omqod: How does it feel to weigh 2kg? A: I believe 2kg is 4lb? Lol. Even my yorkie weights double that. LMFAO.

Q: @fahma311: What are you working on? A: I'm still working on a new album. I'm just taking my time with it, so that it's exactly how I want it to be. I don't have a label so I don't have any pressure to rush it. When It's done it's done. Obviously I'm also working on my radio show, BLACKOUT on idobi Radio. I'm looking into starting to do Youtube videos on makeup & fashion, so maybe look for those sometime later this summer. I'd also like to start doing more stuff with my clothing line. I've got a lot of events I'm attending in July, so right now things are just really hectic.

Q: JuanDeMarco4: Dream Colab w/any band? A: If I could collab with any singer I'd do a duet with Jared Leto, because he's probably my favorite singer if you base it solely off of their voice (well him and Justin Bieber.. Yes I will admit to loving Biebz voice). If I could collab with any female singer, then I'd choose Courtney Love because she is amazing. Instrumentally, The Smashing Pumpkins & Janes Addiction are my favorites, so if I could collaborate instrumentally with any band, I'd choose either of them.. Or Thirty Seconds To Mars, because actually they have some pretty amazing instrumentation too, though it's more pop than SP & JA. But honestly collaborating with someone on music isn't something I've really thought about or wanted to do. Though obviously if any of the people I mentioned above were willing to collaborate, I would jump at the chance. Haha the closest I get to collabing is when I do karaoke duets when I go to Sing Sing on St Marks. haha.


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