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Fan Q&A - July 6th 2017

Bonjour! Hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July (my header pic this week is from going to see fireworks). Sorry for posting this at like midnight. haha.. Oh well, better late than never!

You can submit Ask Me Anything Q&A questions via email here on my website's contact form or send them to me (@SammiScarlette) on twitter! I'll be posting Q&A's each Thursday afternoon! XOXO Sammi

Q: @OfficeSquatch: Can we please get an "illuminati princess" movie? A: Haha like an actual feature length movie? Haha maybe I'll do a music video; a feature length film would be rather pricey. An illuminati princess reality show, would be more realistic. Until I do a music video or land a tv show, this is about as close as you're going to get to an illuminati princess movie:

Q: @AndrewStahlin: Can you sweep pick? A: I'm not that serious of a guitar player, and I definitely have never taken the time to learn technical stuff such as that. I usually only play guitar when I'm writing songs. In that case I write songs usually in basic power chord format, though i occasionally also write guitar solos. I sometimes do take the time to learn songs by bands I like, but just for my own enjoyment, and I usually figure out how to simplify things. Any who, right now I have very long claw nails. I actually can play guitar with my claw nails, BUT not proficiently as my nails end up hitting strings and muting them out.

Q: @Surgeonoflaw: do you think Jenna McDougall is pretty? lmao. A: Is that the girl with the green hair from Australia or New Zealand or something? I guess she's pretty. But I legitimately do not follow current rock music enough to have an opinion on her.

Q: @JonGerardi: What's the craziest conspiracy theory you have ever heard? A: Probably that according to people on an alt-right conspiracy message board my friend JJ wears creepers to hide the fact he has cloven hooves. Or maybe David Icke's claims that the Queen of England is a reptilian shapeshifter. Or something I heard from someone that the heard claims that this guy I briefly dated is actually celebrity clone. Obviously the newest conspiracy sweeping the internet that there is child slave colony on Mars is another great conspiracy theory. The fact NASA had to come out and deny that there is a child slave colony on Mars after the guy went on Alex Jones claiming such is totally out of this world.

Q: @Meggers228: Do you have any tattoos?:) A: YES! I'll just go in chronological order: - Summer 2004"GC" for Good Charlotte self done prison style tattoo from when I was 14, really tiny on my left leg. -Feb 2006 Purple Heartagram on my right wrist , I got it on my 16th birthday. ( September 2009) I later added in the lyrics to HIM's song The Path: "i see thru the darkness my way back home, the journey seems endless, but i'll carry on, the shadows will rise and they will fall, and our night drowns in dawn" around the heartagram (it was done in really micro tiny font that later blurred beyond reading), and ( Feb 2010) the vertical HIM logo from their Scream Works album (which came out on my 20th birthday& I got the tattoo that day). I have since covered all of this up. - November 2009 Heartagram rosary on my left ankle. - Feb 2011 Smashing Pumpkins MCIS web dings for Tonight Tonight, BWBW, and their logo on my left ankle. These didn't heal right and are barely visible. I had the BWBW's one re-done in November, I still need to get the other two re-done. - Feb 2014 "I'm a stitch away..." & an infinity symbol with "On High" in it on my left wrist. "I'm a stitch away..." is a quote from the Fall Out Boy song "The (after)life of the party", the full quote is "I'm a stitch away from making it, and a scar away from falling apart". - August 2015 photo realism black & grey rose on my left wrist above the Fall Out Boy stuff.

- Feb 2016 Unicorn on the small of my back. The unicorn is from the crest of the British Royal Opera House. - March 2016 Covered the heartagram/HIM stuff on my right wrist with the Sacred Heart Of Jesus Christ. I asked the artist to do it in a mexican-catholic style. On the other side of my wrist where the lyrics wrapped around, I had the artist make it look like a charm bracelet with the Unicursal Hexagram on it. - May 2016 2 small diamonds and NYC X 13 done for friday the 13th. - April 2017 a gothic font L next to my rose tattoo as a tribute to my friend Linsey Jade on the 2nd anniversary of her death.

Q: @Luis_Laviada11: What would you do if you encountered your biggest fear? A: I have no clue, because I don't know what my biggest fear is.


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