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Fan Q&A - July 15th 2017

Better late than never, and this week I'm two days late with my Q&A. haha. Going to Warped Tour on Sunday really threw me off; I pretty much stayed in bed all of Monday recuperating. haha. Anyway next week I should be back on schedule.

If you want to submit Q&A questions either email them to my website(here) or send them to me (@SammiScarlette) on twitter! I'll be posting Q&A's each Thursday afternoon! XOXO Sammi

Q: @DarkPrince5646: What's your favorite Netflix show. :) A: Do you mean show thats on Netflix or Netflix original series? Let's go with original series, because there are so many shows on Netflix in general. haha. I absolutely loved the first season of Hemlock Grove. It was dark and mysterious and not your typical vampire show; plus Bill Skarsgard is absolutely beautiful. Season 2 was pretty decent too, but the last episode of Season 2 was absolutely ridiculous and Season 3 was almost unwatchable.haha. Season 1 should have just stood alone. I also really loved The Crown. I'm a sucker for period pieces and royalty. Grace & Frankie is another great Netflix show. Light hearted and fun. Same goes for GLOW, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Chewing Gum, and Girl Boss. Those are all fun shows. Dear White People is also great, that show was nothing like I expected it to be from the trailer.. I was pleasantly surprised. haha Can't wait for season 2.

Q: @CarrigJoanne: Hi Sammi , did you do an interview with the Los Feliz murder house documentary guys ? X A: No. But I should get in touch with them. Is the documentary done? If it's still being made, I'd still love to be interviewed for it, and if it's done, I'd love to have them on BLACKOUT. I'm still obsessed with the Los Feliz murder house, though some of the mystery and allure of it has gone away now that the homes been purchased, cleared out, and is undergoing renovation.

Q: @SamuelJ41944686: Just curious, but have you seen the new Wonder Women movie yet? because i heard it was great. A: No. The only super hero movies I like are the Iron Man movies... Probably because the action stuff isn't the majority of the movie.. And he's got a cool house, sick car, and rad gadgets.. Basically Iron Man is like if Steve Jobs was a super hero. Thats my type of super hero.


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